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Wednesday, 13 June 2018 14:20

Year 10 Languages Quiz

Year 10 students were subject to a battle of the minds as they faced off in the annual Languages Quiz. Competition was fierce and students displayed commendable passion in their pursuit of the coveted title of quiz champion.

In teams of between five and six, students had to pool their knowledge of each language studied at Westholme, with the most determined teams tactically having someone who studies at least one of each of the languages amongst them. In a multitude of differing rounds, they were running around the theatre in a beat-the-clock translation race, becoming words themselves as they had to shuffle around in a foreign spelling bee, singing and dancing their hearts out (for the most part) in a Eurovision sing-off, as well as the more civilised question and answer, music and movie rounds.

IMG 7297 Dance 

Our wonderful catering team provided a delectable buffet that students enjoyed thoroughly, particularly those who had just been forced to each pickled onions in a blindfolded food tasting round.


All-in-all it was a wonderful evening, with a great atmosphere and fun had by all. Huge thanks go to all the staff who helped make the evening a success and to the students themselves for being such good sports. It was a tense finish, with only one point being the difference between first and second place – if only the second place team had been a little more choreographed in the Eurovision round – however, the result meant that the winning team members were Elizabeth Whelan, Eve Sulway, Amir Hafeji, Zaid Ahmed and Ellie Little. Congratulations to this year’s Languages Quiz Champions, and we look forward to staging the quiz for the current Year 9 students next year.

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