Comic Relief 2024!

On Friday 15th March we celebrated Comic Relief 2024!


Mrs Oracz and members of the INSPIRED Sixth Form Charity Team were responsible for organising the fundraising attempts to donate to charity and had organised an 'Ice Bucket Challenge' for members of staff to take part in on the stage in The Croston Theatre.


Leading up to the event, there was a fundraising point in the corridor, where Mrs Oracz and her charity team were selling confectionary to raise money for the cause amongst students.


Students and staff alike gathered in the theatre this morning to watch the challenge take place. There was a sense of excitement and nervousness amongst the staff who had agreed to take part in the challenge, as names were drawn out of a hat to decide which members of staff were due to take part. The stage was set with a paddling pool, seat and ice bucket...with Mr Cornwall in charge of pouring the bucket.


Mrs Oracz called out the names of the staff who were due to take part, with Mr Scorah up first! Needless to say, it was a chilly start to the morning for those staff members involved! But it was good fun and all for a great cause, and they were interviewed for their thoughts shortly after having been soaked by members of the INSPIRED Sixth Form Charity Team who had helped to organise proceedings.


Finally, after 5 out of the agreed 6 members of staff had been 'iced' there was one final name to be drawn...and to everyone's surprise it was Mrs Cowan! Who, we weren't sure if she was aware that she may be involved beforehand! Fair play to Mrs Cowan for taking part and fortunately she was seen in a spare set of clothes afterwards.


Thank you to Mrs Oracz for organising the event, and the fundraising efforts which will go to a great cause. Big thank you to all those who donated also. So far there has been £796.50 raised!