Wholeheartedly empowered

Our Prep community wholeheartedly empowers our youngest Westholmians to exceed their potential.

We place an equal importance on all activities, subjects and experiences, creating a forward-thinking and innovative environment where Prep pupils thrive and develop into confident, well-rounded, and happy individuals. We would be delighted to have you visit our state-of-the-art new Prep building, nestled in the picturesque rural Wilmar Lodge setting. Please do get in touch with our admissions team who will schedule a tour and answer any queries you may have.


Extraordinary Beginnings

Our distinctive educational experience empowers our pupils to discover who they are and their unique talents are encouraged and celebrated.

Prep pupils are nurtured in a warm family environment where every child is cherished and valued. The relationship children develop with their teachers is transformative and they thrive and blossom into happy, articulate, confident and impressive young people.


Maximising individual
academic potential

Our ambitious, holistic approach fosters intellectually agile, imaginative, and independent thinkers.

A bespoke curriculum unique to Westholme inspires and cultivates pupils' aspirations and dreams. A culture of teaching to the very top is imbued and pupils receive a breadth and depth of activities both in and outside the classroom together with specialist teachers in Sport, Drama, Languages, Music and Technology.


Pioneering educational philosophy

Developing essential leadership, confidence, adaptability and communication skills are woven into the fabric of every day experiences inside and outside the classroom.

From the very beginning, seeds for aspirational ambitions are sown. We believe taking the initiative, working in a team, developing a strong work ethic and emotional intelligence form an essential part of the holistic curriculum alongside traditional subjects and activities. Prep empowers pupils with a pioneering holistic education that equips them with the skills needed to sustain a successful, professional career in the rapidly evolving 21st century workplace.


Our Communication Promise

From the moment parents arrive at Westholme, we welcome them to become part of our family community. We will promise highly effective communication throughout to develop and nurture this relationship.

Two-way communication is important to us and we are just as receptive to hearing parents' thoughts and feedback as we are proactively sending daily, weekly, monthly information home. Regular parental involvement opportunities are provided, from family events in class and enjoying lunch together to assemblies and interactive sessions.


Wholeheartedly Empowered

We passionately believe in educating the whole child and we wholeheartedly provide every Prep pupil the opportunity to discover their element!

Our unparalleled focus on co-curricular enables children to experience incredible activities that they may not otherwise encounters. From the very beginning, Prep pupils adopt a 'both feet in' approach, they support and push each other in equal measure. Pupils have the freedom and confidence to explore their personal interests and discover new passions and talents.


Entrepreneurial Enterprise

Our innovative Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Programme equips pupils with self-confidence and resourcefulness to develop character and prepare them to take their place as global leaders today, tomorrow and into the future.

We maximise our links with local professionals to provide talks, workshops and hands-on experiences and 21st century essential skills are developed through entrepreurial activities within the classroom.


Rural experiences

Prep pupils have space to breathe, learn and play in our beautiful surroundings.

Forest school provision is provided in William's Wood and every pupil's holistic experience is maximised through a raft of outdoor pursuits such as our adventure trail, den building, orienteering, biking and cross country.


Exceptional resources and facilities

Our swimming pool, tennis courts and full-sized astro turf are literally on the doorstep of the Prep building.

Drama, public speaking and performing in our professional theatre become second nature. Our recording studio, photography infinity wall, Science laboratories, 3D Computed Aided Design Technology, art including pottery and use of a kiln, recording studio, sports facilities and Food Preparation and Nutrition Rooms provide experiences like no other. Lessons are provided in classrooms with an innovative ventilation system which reduces CO2 levels and provide better air quality for optimum learning.


Difference is Westholme

Our pupils thrive in an environment that is warm and happy and our extraordinary beginnings provide a foundational approach that maximises individual academic potential.

We wholeheartedly empower our pupils through our pioneering educational philosophy; our entrepreneurial enterprise initiatives develop passionate, creative, innovative pupils ready to lead and succeed in our beautiful rural setting; our communication promise focuses on developing close-knit relationships so parents and pupils become fully part of our Westholme family. Simply put, the difference is Westholme and we look forward to welcoming your family very soon!

Our Facilities

Our swimming pool, tennis courts and full-sized astro turf are literally on the doorstep of the PREP building. We have a professional theatre - perfect for drama, public speaking and performing. Our recording studio, photography infinity wall, science laboratories, 3D Computer Aided Design technology and Food Preparation and Nutrition Rooms provides facilities and experiences like no other!

Our new PREP School is fitted with a mono-draught, carbon-neutral ventilation system which reduces CO2 levels all day and provides better air quality for all pupils. This innovation was installed following a study by Harvard University, which found significant declines in cognitive function when CO2 concentrations were increased - which is common in traditional indoor spaces.

The Croston Theatre

Swimming Pool

3D Computer Aided Design Technology

Aerial Photo

Astroturf and Hardcourts

Dining Hall

Food Prep


Recording Studio

Science Lab

Sports Field

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Fees and charges are reviewed annually by the Board of Governors. Any annual surplus is returned to the School to finance both improvements and bursaries so that a Westholme education remains outstanding and is as widely accessible as possible.

Fees and ChargesBursaries and ScholarshipsPayment options for New Starters

For further information please contact the Westholme Finance Department on finance@westholmeschool.com or call 01254 506070.


School Policies

Behaviour Management PolicyComplaints ProcedureDiscipline, Exclusions and Required Removal PolicyKeeping Children Safe in EducationSafeguarding PolicySafer Recruitment PolicyStaff Code of ConductWhistle-Blowing Policy

The following policies are available to parents, on request, from school:

  • Admissions Policy

  • SEND and EAL Policy

  • Curriculum Policy

  • Anti-Bullying Policy

  • Health and Safety Policy

  • First Aid Policy

  • Complaints Policy

  • A copy of the latest ISI inspection report

Our designated Privacy Compliance Officer is Mrs Jo-Ann Tierney.

If you have any queries regarding this or would like more information about any of our other policies, please do not hesitate to contact the School on 01254 506070.

Inspection Reports

Westholme School complies with all the relevant statutory and regulatory requirements regarding school inspections.

The school is regulated by the Independent Schools' Inspectorate - a body approved by the Department for Education for the purpose of inspecting independent schools in the Independent Schools Council (ISC) under Section 162 of the Education Act 2002.

Westholme School was inspected by ISI on 23rd January 2024. Download Inspection Report

Westholme School was inspected by ISI on 13th, 14th and 15th October 2021. Download Inspection Report

Westholme School was inspected by ISI on 8th, 9th and 10th May 2019. Download Inspection Report

Old Westholmians

We are proud to have a strong alumni community and regularly invite our wider Westholme family back to school to join us for events, for talks or to contribute to our careers events.

We are delighted to have a dedicated alumni website where Old Westholmians (OWs) can connect with fellow alumni and other members of the Westholme Family community; keep up-to-date with exclusive OW news and events and business networking opportunities.


We also have a dedicated Westholme Family alumni Facebook group:

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Once a Westholmian, always a Westholmian!

News & Events

Prep 5 Explore the Wonders of Space



On Thursday 29 February, a very excited Prep 5 embarked on an amazing day at Jodrell Bank to complement their science topic about space.


On arrival, we headed straight to the Space Dome, for a fascinating interactive talk and video tour of the stars, planets, Milky Way and universe! Professor Brian Cox narrated a film which told us about the history of Jodrell Bank, which was highly insightful.


We next visited the Space Pavilion, where we were able to enjoy a variety of hands-on activities, before enjoying a walk along the Telescope Pathway to see the enormity of the famous Lovell Telescope!


Following this, we headed to the Planet Pavilion to learn more amazing facts about our solar system. The ceiling contained a clockwork model of the Milky Way, an orrery, which required the children to turn a handle for the model to move.


What an excellent day igniting our interest in this topic. Thank you, Jodrell Bank, from Prep 5 for a very memorable day.




World Book Day 2024



Westholme Prep celebrated World Book Day 2024, with all children making it a special occasion by dressing up as a character from their favourite book. A fantastic effort was made by all and everyone really looked the part!

To celebrate World Book Day, our Year 5 librarians encouraged all children across the school to take part in a ‘Get Caught Reading’ competition. A huge congratulations to our five winners who received a book voucher to spend!

It was delightful seeing children across the school share the activities they completed from our Reading Bingo. We had children building and reading in blanket forts, designing front covers for books and even reading to friends and relatives on the phone. Everyone was very creative!

Our book hunt in Upper Prep was also a great hit! The children had to find the books that were hidden in William’s Wood. Not only did they have to find the book, but they also had to work out what the book was because the title was covered up. The children showed fantastic teamwork and resilience!



“As parents. we are extremely grateful that our child is able to go to what is much more than 'just a school'. We now realise that Westholme is a way of life, and the tools that he is already developing to equip him for his life - not just his education - are phenomenal.”

- Mrs Mann, parent.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Ghandi

“My best life lessons and education didn't come from a classroom.”

Bear Grylls

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Albert Einstein