Prep 5 Explore the Wonders of Space



On Thursday 29 February, a very excited Prep 5 embarked on an amazing day at Jodrell Bank to complement their science topic about space.


On arrival, we headed straight to the Space Dome, for a fascinating interactive talk and video tour of the stars, planets, Milky Way and universe! Professor Brian Cox narrated a film which told us about the history of Jodrell Bank, which was highly insightful.


We next visited the Space Pavilion, where we were able to enjoy a variety of hands-on activities, before enjoying a walk along the Telescope Pathway to see the enormity of the famous Lovell Telescope!


Following this, we headed to the Planet Pavilion to learn more amazing facts about our solar system. The ceiling contained a clockwork model of the Milky Way, an orrery, which required the children to turn a handle for the model to move.


What an excellent day igniting our interest in this topic. Thank you, Jodrell Bank, from Prep 5 for a very memorable day.