A Year 2 Trip!

Year 2 visit The Museum of Science and Industry

Year 2 have enjoyed a wonderful trip to the Museum Of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Manchester.

The weather was kind and they were able to get hands on experience of forces, this half term’s topic. During the first workshop ‘Forces and Flight’, the children learnt about early aviation, gravity, friction, magnetism, air resistance and they even witnessed Miss Cole jumping from an aeroplane at 20000 feet!

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Time was then spent in ‘Experiment’, where the children were free to explore the many interesting activities. Joseph even managed to lift a MINI with his bare hands!

Photo 4

After lunch, they visited the Power Hall, where a member of the MOSI staff explained how a steam engine powered the cotton mills of Lancashire in days gone by. Finally, the children were encouraged to become inventors and helped to invent the ‘safety bicycle’. Many thanks to Mrs Mahmood and Mrs Melling who accompanied the trip.

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