An Ancient Tragedy

Sixth Form theatre trip

On Tuesday evening, the Upper and Lower Sixth Classics students attended a Greek Tragic performance of Sophocles’ “Antigone”.


The ancient play revolves around the tragic demise of an ancient king who is torn between his role as a leader and his family. The modernised performance gave the students an excellent taste of Tragedy on stage, complimenting their A Level studies of the art, whilst also allowing them to feel the cathartic effects intended by such a show.


The performance topped off an excellent evening, which included a Nandos tea and trip to Heavenly Desserts to celebrate Tiegan Fawcett’s birthday. Despite the tragic subject-matter, a great evening was had by all, and provided the students with a perfect model to work from visually in their Tragedy Classics lessons.

A huge thank you to all students on their impeccable behaviour and to Mrs Oracz for accompanying the trip.