An Exciting Trip

Year 2 learn all about the Great Fire of London

Year 2 arrived at school yesterday dressed as Tudors ready for their trip to Staircase House in Stockport.

The morning activity saw the children re-tell the event of how the Great Fire of London started and how, after 5 days it was eventually put out. Some of the children dressed up as the important people of the time – Samuel Pepys in his very expensive wig and cape, King Charles in his Royal gown and Jane the maid and the link boy in their very poor, dirty clothes. They also learnt how they extinguished the fire and made a fire break and had great fun making a fire chain and collecting the water from the river Thames to throw it on the burning houses.

04 02 2016 105942 04 02 2016 111612

After lunch the children learnt more about the plague, dressed up as the plague doctor, made potions to cure the plague and decided whether or not their patient had the plague.

04 02 2016 111650 04 02 2016 134048

Finally, the last activity saw the children learn all about how the houses were made in 1666 and why they burnt down so easily. They enjoyed learning about ‘wattle and daub’ and had a go at building a wall.

04 02 2016 131517

Year 2 are now looking forward to the Great Fire of London day at school next Friday where they will dress up once again as a Tudor, make food of that time and take part in other exciting activities!