Biology at Blencathra

Lower Sixth Biology Field Trip

The Lower Sixth Biologists enjoyed their 4-day visit to the Blencathra Field Studies Centre, near Keswick.

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This provided them with the ideal opportunity to study a number of different ecosystems, including freshwater and woodland, and to practise many ecological techniques in the diverse and beautiful surroundings of the Lake District.

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Students planned and carried out a number of investigations to improve knowledge and understanding of sampling techniques, ecological principles, display and statistical analysis of data:

• The effect of altitude (and related abiotic factors) on the distribution of bracken on Blease Fell.
• Succession on a lithosere.
• The effect of abiotic factors on the frequency and distribution of freshwater invertebrates in riffles and pools of St John’s beck.
• Estimating the population size of ramshorn snails in Blencathra Centre pond using the mark-release-recapture method.
• The effect of woodland management on the species richness of plants in Brundholme woods.

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