Biology Challenge 2013

Westholme’s Year 10 Biologists’ Awards

This annual, national competition, organised by the Society of Biology is open to Year 10 students.   This year, the competition had approximately 30,000 entries.   The students were required to complete multiple choice questions online, testing all areas of Biology, including some from recent documentaries.


Yasmin Al-Nufoury, Poppy Ashworth, Charlotte Booth, Grace Daley, Beth Hothersall, Sarah McHugh, Holly Miller, Jessica Palmer, Grace Rawlinson, Flora Robson, Menahel Sajjad, Henna Sayeed, Salonee Shah

Highly Commended

Alice Galatola, Sana Iqbal, Eden Ingoe, Elysia Kenyon, Lucia Lamoury, Sophia Talbot

Bronze Awards

Grace Collum, Annabel Steele, Rebecca Vose, Emily Winter

Silver Award

Maddie Ainsworth

Gold Awards

Emilie Hughes, Kathryn Jaitly, Gabriela Sharp