Author Jake Hope visits Lower Prep



As part of our World Book Day celebrations, Lower Prep were delighted to have a visit from children’s author, Jake Hope. He visited the Lower Prep children and asked them about their favourite stories. He then shared his own favourite stories from when he was a child.

Jake discussed how the books he writes all have funny stories about animals.  The children thought of popular animal characters from the books that they have read such as Mog, Elmer, Hairy McClary, Paddington Bear and Mr Big.  Jake shared the first book that he wrote with the children which is called, ‘Cheesed Off!’ and is all about mice. Lower Prep enjoyed joining in with a reading of the book, complete with actions.

Next, Jake shared his brand new book, which is not yet available to buy and is called, ‘Lola loves walkies’.  It is all about the adventures of a  rabbit called Lola as she goes on her daily walks.  Her favourite place to walk is in the park where she meets lots of her doggy friends! Everyone was very surprised to read about a rabbit going for a walk with her owner on a lead!

Jake finished off his visit by answering questions from the children and signing copies of his book, ‘Cheesed Off!’.