Prep R Superheroes save Chinese New Year lunch!



Prep R arrived at school last week and found a basket of potatoes! The children investigated the potatoes and used their senses to describe how they looked, felt and smelt. Following this a very special potato was introduced to the class and the children described the differences between the basket potatoes and the very special potato.

The children noticed that the special potato was in fact Supertato! A discussion followed about superheroes and superpowers and the children worked collaboratively to think of words that could describe superheroes. A superhero control centre was set up in the classroom and the children, in various superhero guises, set off on a variety of special missions. The children listened to the story ‘Supertato’ and learnt about the villainous Evil Pea who created mayhem in the supermarkets.

On Monday morning this week Mrs Dixon found a letter in the classroom addressed to the children of Prep R.  The letter was from Supertato warning the children in Prep R that the Evil Pea herself was on her way to Westholme with her army of evil peas. She was planning to switch all the freezers off in the Westholme kitchen, stopping the Thomas Franks catering team from making the Chinese New Year celebratory lunch! Supertato asked Prep R to help him capture Evil Pea and her army of peas. It was a resounding ‘Yes! Let’s do this!’.

Straight away the children got to work designing superhero bubble wands. Mr Walker and Mr Lyle helped the children design their bubblewands, using Tinkercad, in the Tech rooms at Seniors.  Their designs were then brought to life on the 3D printers and delivered to the classroom ready for their mission on Thursday. The children designed their own superhero capes and together with their superhero masks made last week, were ready for their special mission.

Thursday morning arrived and so did the Evil Pea and her army of peas who stationed themselves around the Westholme School buildings. Following a map and a set of clues, Prep R, dressed as superheroes, set off to capture each of the peas and the Evil Pea, herself! The mission was going well until the children realised that one of the peas was keeping Mrs Davenport hostage! The children tried their best to free Mrs Davenport and on their third attempt were successful in their quest!

The Evil Pea stood guard over the entrance into the kitchens, waiting to make her move to turn off the freezers but Prep R superheroes arrived just in time to capture her, much to the relief and delight of Mr Llewelyn, our catering manager. The whole of the Westholme family can now enjoy a Chinese New Year lunch thanks to Prep R and their superpowers.