Brand New Scholarships for Westholme

Napthens and MNH Platinum Scholarships offered to top GCSE students

Westholme is delighted to announce the award of two new Scholarships, kindly supported by local businesses Napthens and MNH Platinum. 

Designed to award excellence at GCSE level and support studies in the 6th Form, both companies said that they were proud to be associated with Westholme.  Mark Hindle, Managing Director of MNH Platinum commented, “Our company is always striving for the highest standards, as is Westholme.  The Scholarship makes the perfect fit”.  The MNH Platinum Scholarship went to Emma Waterhouse, for achieving the highest mark in GCSE Modern Languages and the Napthens Scholarship was given to Victoria Green, for the highest performance in GCSE Mathematics.  Kathryn Harwood, partner at Napthens spoke at the awards assembly.  She said, “Napthens and Westholme have so much in common; we never stop seeking to improve and our records of success are testament to that.  We are very pleased to have Victoria Green as our Napthens Scholar”.