Buddhism and Christianity Study Day

Year 10 EPR students learn about Buddhist and Christian ethical views on study day

Year 10 EPR students journeyed to the Vajravarahi Buddhist Centre in Preston and to the Christian Retreat, Loyola Hall, in Prescott, Liverpool.  The pupils’ GCSE course explores contemporary ethical issues, such as war, euthanasia, medical ethics, poverty, justice, law & order and the environmental problems of our world today.  Pupils have to understand what the religions of Buddhism and Christianity teach about these issues.  The ultimate aim of this course is for pupils to come to their own conclusions on ethical issues using systematic, analytical and logical thinking. 

Pupils met with Buddhist monks and nuns and Christians to deepen their understanding of these faiths.  They were introduced to the main beliefs of Buddhism and experienced the worship practices of the religion.  There was also an opportunity to question monks on their views of ethical issues. 

At the Christian retreat centre, pupils explored meditation, quietness, Christian theology and were asked to try and understand the need for retreats and to explore what their own lives would achieve.  They were asked the crucial question: ‘What is the deepest desire of your heart?’

Hosts for the Study Day, Pagpa and Stephen, spoke of the girls’ mature and thoughtful approach to their studies.  They were impressed with their positive attitude during all activities.