Careers Convention

The 2014 Careers Convention takes place

The biennial careers convention was held last night with plenty of students and parents all keen to ask questions and listen to experts in their chosen field. It was open to students in Years 8 and upwards. Exhibitors came and represented a wide range of over 40 careers, including Accountancy, Dentistry, Journalism, Teaching and Medicine. We also welcomed representatives from a number of new careers such as Investment Banking, Environmental Science and even Rolls Royce!

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It was particularly apt, that during Science week, the largest range of people from engineering careers to date, were also in attendance.

                                  IMG 7646

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Westholme students and parents found the evening to be most valuable and took the opportunity to find out more about the working world. With a number of local universities also being represented, students were also able to enquire about subjects offered and grades needed.

A number of Old Westholmians also returned to school for the convention and it was lovely to see so many of them talking passionately about their chosen careers.

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Thank you to all exhibitors for taking time to attend our careers convention – it really was a great evening!

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