Catalyst Trip

‘Ludicrous Liquids’ and lots more!

A fantastic day was had by all at Catalyst Science Museum in Widnes. Year 7 spent the day discovering how things work in the Scientrific gallery and the Observatory.

IMG 1198 IMG 1216

The students built bridges, investigated slippery surfaces, used solar power to fly aeroplanes and blew huge bubbles!

IMG 1218 IMG 1209

They also took part in a ‘Ludicrous Liquids’ workshop in the laboratory where we made miniature lava lamps, a liquid rainbow and tested acids and alkalis.

IMG 1227

A highlight and the most exciting part of the day was the ‘Flash Bang -What a reaction!’ demonstration where students saw amazing experiments with liquid nitrogen, dry ice and multicoloured flames. They even tried to blow up Mr Hunt!

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