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Holistic Awards

The Westholme Holistic Award programme has continued this term after it’s successful launch last year, and since the new year students at the Senior School have been busy working hard to achieve their Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

UKMT Challenges

At the end of our assembly to celebrate International Pi Day on Monday 14 March, certificates were handed out for the UKMT Challenges. The challenges are lively, intriguing multiple choice question papers designed to stimulate interest in mathematics. Receiving a silver or gold certificate puts students in the top 5% nationally.

National Careers Week 2022

Between March 7 – March 12 was National Careers Week, and there were several things that were made available to students throughout organised by Head of Careers Mrs Hibberd. In addition, there were also online events including the NCW Virtual Careers Fair that students could attend ‘virtually’.

Student Food Council Meeting

On Wednesday, the food council met for the first time since Christmas to discuss new menu items on the agenda. Members were asked for feedback from their Year groups and the consensus was that the new menus had been enjoyed.