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Student Food Council Meeting

On Wednesday, the food council met for the first time since Christmas to discuss new menu items on the agenda. Members were asked for feedback from their Year groups and the consensus was that the new menus had been enjoyed.

Holistic Success!

On Tuesday 18 January, Mrs Cowan and Dr Robson presented the first ever Bronze and Silver Westholme Holistic Awards to students in Years 7, 8 & 9 as part of the whole school assembly.

National Poetry Day

The Power of Poetry

Choice: the theme of National Poetry Day 2021. And it came as no surprise that Westholme students took this theme and ran, or should I say sprinted, with it. Our students never fail to disappoint with their unique creativity.

Westholme Association

Welcome back and we hope you have had a restful break from school runs, pick ups and generally taxi-ing. Some of you will have seen myself, Neil and other WA members at the Prep School ‘Meet The Teacher’ event on Wednesday and are more aware of what we do.  We hope to meet many more of you at future events like the Year 7 ‘Welcome to Westholme’ evening and the Open Evening in October.

GCSE Results 2021

A message from the Principal, Dr Robson

Huge congratulations to all of our Year 11 students and their families – last Thursday was a memorable day for academic accomplishment at Westholme!

Eco-friendly EPR!

Year 7 and Sixth Form EPR students have been exploring all things Eco in the past few weeks. Lessons have brought to light topical debates and addressed fundamental questions that humans need to face when considering their relationship with the planet.

Year 8 Book Boom!

At the beginning of December last year, the English Department launched the Westholme Book Boom to get pupils excited and engaged in reading for fun, not just in the classroom.

A Visit from St Nicholas

Mrs’s Long’s LAMDA Acting, Speaking, in Public & Shakespeare students have been working hard rehearsing a special poem for the festive season.