Clubs at Beardwood Bank

We have had further offerings added to our virtual club site this week to reflect both Children’s Mental Health awareness week and to reflect our pledge to try to help protect our planet.


Many of us live our lives rushing through the day not noticing due what is going on in our surroundings. Mindfulness has many definitions, put simply it means being more aware of what is going on around us and learning from what we find. To do this we need to pay full attention to all our senses, rather than getting swept up in life and our daily routine. This week we have launched a new channel in the Junior School’s Club Zone.’ Mindfulness Minutes’ is a space where pupils and their family can go to find tasks and activities to help them become more mindful. This week’s tasks include learning how to count our breaths and completing a mindfulness review, which will help us to identify just how mindful we already are and how we can improve.

Eco Club

As part of the co-curricular clubs, students throughout the school have been taking part in Eco-Lockdown challenges. Each week there is a new set of activities to try at home and a challenge to complete. This week we have been focusing on Food, Farming and Forests. Activities at the Junior School have included learning about who makes our food and where it come from; listening to a story about Phoebe the Bee, and how to create a small scale eco-system in a jar. At the Senior School students watched clips from the Youth Climate Summit where they learned about responsible seafood and how you can save the planet from your plate. The challenge for all students this week was to go meat-free for one day! There’s still a few days left of the week so give it a go if you haven’t already.

In the Junior School, Hannah in Year 2 made a tasty vegan Daal, Poppy in Year 2 a delicious vegan bolognaise, and Isabelle in Year 3 created a super eco-system jar!


In other news, Good Energy are looking for six students between the ages of 12 and 18, living in England, to join their Good Future Board of shadow directors.

Members of Good Energy’s Good Future Board will be required to join two to three meetings, to be held virtually over video call, within 12 months. These meetings, hosted by a chairperson or chairpersons from Good Energy, will be an opportunity for you as a Good Future Board member to see and hear about Good Energy’s plans as a business, and share your thoughts.

You will have the opportunity to present your own ideas to Good Energy and you may also be invited to be involved with Good Energy’s annual general meeting where the company’s investors are updated on the business strategy.

The ideal Good Future Board candidate will:

  • Have 12-18 years’ experience of living on our planet
  • Be willing to tell adults when they are wrong
  • Be passionate about tackling the climate crisis
  • Want to help create a greener future for everyone

All who wish to apply to sit on the Good Future Board must submit a short personal statement no longer than 500 words, explaining why they should be considered for this amazing opportunity.

Include answers to the following in your personal statement:

  • What inspired you to care for our planet?
  • What skills or experiences you can bring?
  • One idea for what a renewable energy company can do today to help protect the planet?

Remember, this is your chance to bring together all the skills and experience you possess that show your passion and determination to save the planet. Think about what makes you unique and don’t be afraid to write what you truly believe. Good Energy are looking for daring, young people who will question decisions and suggest new and exciting ways to develop their company over the next year.

If you are interested you can apply here: