Colours awarded for Drama

Drama Colours for Westholme thespians

Drama Colours have been awarded today  to the following Sixth Form students for their contribution to Westholme productions and Performing Arts Club.


Full Colours

Jenny Campbell

Charlotte Stockwell

Sophie Ward

Jaimini Patel

Claudia Macdonald

Ciara Baxendale

Jade Jones

Millie Ainsworth

Sophie Brotherton

Hayley Button

Hannah Dagnall

Alice Harfield

Abigail Hindley

Grace Jepson

Fiona Cruice

Charlotte Jackson

Half Colours

Georgina Butler

Hattie Campbell

Tamara Davies

Lydia Sage

Stephanie Parsonson

Stephanie Leaver

Eleanor Lynch

Summer Kirkham

Harriet Dagnall

Ruth Scott

Kirsten Black

Gabrielle Lamoury