Concert for Cambodia

Old Westholmian, Katy Molloy – campaigning for Cambodia.

On Wednesday 29th September, Westholme welcomed back former pupil Katy Molloy, who left in 2001. 

After climbing the advertising career ladder she came across a book which dramatically altered the course of her life, Somaly Mam’s ‘The Road of Lost Innocence’.   Deeply moved and unable to forget what she had read, she boldly gave up her London life to go out to be a volunteer in Cambodia where she has been since February, working for AFESIP (translated as Aid for Women in Distressing Situations).  She spoke passionately to the girls about how they could help through research, fundraising and communication.

In the evening a concert was held to raise funds for Katy’s human trafficking charity with the help of her superbly talented friend, Steve Burnett, graduate of the Royal College of Music.   He had spent the day in master classes with some of our girls and inspired them to play to a captive audience with great energy and focus.  The day and the evening were a great success and raised a fantastic £630 for this vitally important work.  Congratulations and thanks to everyone who took part.