Contours Models Competition

Year 7 Geographers constuct contour models

All the Year 7 Geographers have been extremely busy over the past 3 weeks constructing their contour models. The Geography Department would like to thank Year 7 for making such a huge effort.

IMG 6119

For this challenging task Year 7 had to produce a relief model with contour patterns and labels that indicate geographical landforms.

So for example ‘Westholme Island’ has ‘Beardwood Falls’, ‘Billinge Delta’ and ‘Lost Sock Valley’! Whilst Maya Mohan-Pillai’s ‘Animal Island’ has a ‘Toucan Terrace’ and ‘Meerkat Mountains’.

There were some very creative entries including Alice Couch’s ‘Dragon Island,’ with a ‘Smoke lagoon’ and ‘Claw coast’ and Issac Samuel’s entry featuring ‘The desolation of Smaug’ which beautifully illustrates the Hobbit’s unexpected journey.

There were several superb animal islands: Dog Island, Easter Bunny island, Fish island and Sam Goodall’s Tortoise Island complete with a ‘Hibernation harbour’ and ‘Dandelion Plain’.

The finalists’ contour models are on display outside the theatre and are tremendous.

Commended – Zoe Philp, Fiona Olsen, Georgiana Ewart-Jones, Abigail Lee, Ben Bulloch, Jake Perry, Benjamin Rooney, Isaac Samuel.

Highly Commended – Lydia Carr-Oddie, Grace Casper, Alice Couch, Maya Mohan-Pillai, Charlotte Cootes, Isabelle Shaw, Sam Goodall.

3rd place: Ruby Collin for her wonderfully festive ‘Christmas Tree Island’

2nd place: Katie Thompson for her very clever saddle shaped ‘Horse Island’

In Joint 1st place:
Emily Berry for her stunning Mickey Mouse Island (check out the waterfall!)
Ana Bradbury for her extremely clever relief model of the Hallin Fell area, near Ullswater in the Lake District.