Criminology Course

Criminology Certificates awarded

The Year 10 Criminology course was a six-week programme which centered around one case: Adam Rogers.   The girls watched CCT images of what happened on the night of Adam Rogers’ murder, interviews of the Senior Investigating Officers and friends of Adam.   They also spent some time listening and questioning Adam’s parents when they came into school.   The girls are to be commended for the maturity in which they approached this case.  


Certificates were awarded to

Laila Abbas, Hibah Ahmad, Maddie Ainsworth, Meritxell Alier, Yasmin Al-Nufoury, Poppy Ashworth, Lucy Atwood, Ocean Cannon, Grace Creaner, Grace Daley, Hannah Gibb, Katie Greenall, Lucy Hindle, Ella Holt, Megan Hunter, Georgia Ingham, Eden Ingoe, Sana Iqbal, Kathryn Jaitly, Tilly Johnson, Amelia Kenworthy, Jess Devenney Lees, Katherine Li, Sarah McHugh, Alicia Mills, Amelia Morgan, Jessica Palmer, Briony Pay, Alicia Pursnani, Grace Rawlinson, Menahel Sajjad, Henna Sayeed, Sarah Sellick, Salonee Shah, Gabby Sharp, Phillipa Sloan, Ruby Smith, Annabel Steele, Mackenzie Sutter, Sofia Talbot, Karjeevan Virdee, Molly Walker, Jasmine Welch, Chloe Wood.