Eco-friendly EPR!

Year 7 and Sixth Form EPR students have been exploring all things Eco in the past few weeks. Lessons have brought to light topical debates and addressed fundamental questions that humans need to face when considering their relationship with the planet.

As part of their A Level studies, Year 12 have been looking at the ethics surrounding the captivity of killer whales, who are plucked from their families and forced to live in artificial surroundings for the purpose of entertainment and commercial gain. Students have been analysing case studies of killer whales who have exhibited clear signs of mental suffering, and they have been challenging views that aim to justify their captivity because of their inferior status to mankind.

Year 7 have been considering the Christian concept of stewardship. They have been investigating examples of how churches have achieved the Eco-Church Award. Students have discovered how Church communities are working for Climate Justice in adapting their buildings and grounds, encouraging better lifestyle choices e.g. walk or cycle to church. Furthermore, they have learnt about links that churches make with those communities greatly impacted by Climate Change through schemes such as Toilet Twinning and Fairtrade.

This work has encouraged all students to reflect on their own relationship with the environment and how they might improve their own green credentials.