Lessons Learned in Politics and Elsewhere

Edwina Currie delivers the Arthur Rouse Lecture

The Arthur Rouse lecture is always a big date in the Westholme calendar and last night was no exception!

We were delighted to welcome erudite Edwina Currie to our theatre, and expectant pupils, parents, staff and friends of the School settled into their seats for a night of entertainment.

IMG 9248
For anyone who may have expected pure political positioning, you came to the wrong gig! Edwina was a genuine raconteur and she rollercoastered us through her three key life lessons via the media of stories, personal anecdotes and some snippets of juicy gossip. Whoever would have believed Putin to be such a magpie for the diamonds?

Students were told repeatedly by the energetic and driven Edwina that their most important gift, to be treasured throughout life, was their education. She said that even in the darkest days of political male domination, she was always able to hold her head high and say, “I am your equal”.

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Edwina’s other cornerstones of advice were never to miss a trick, know your enemy and what to do in a very tricky situation (the sanitised version!).

There was not a dull moment as she gave some wonderfully amusing examples from the worlds of showbiz, politics and family, which brought all her life lessons into technicolour.
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You could tell the audience wanted more as the Q&A kept on going, with some really challenging and interesting questions from the audience.

Inspirational is a much used phrase, but last night it seemed entirely appropriate. With Hannah Patel and Katie Goodier welcoming and closing the evening superbly, everyone had really enjoyed another Westholme highlight.

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Thank you to Edwina once again for provoking us to think, reminding us that every challenge is an opportunity and delivering yet another splendid Arthur Rouse lecture!