Student Food Council Meeting

On Wednesday, the food council met for the first time since Christmas to discuss new menu items on the agenda. Members were asked for feedback from their Year groups and the consensus was that the new menus had been enjoyed.

Moving forward, the council agreed that more descriptive menus would be helpful to the students who may not have eaten certain dishes before.

The increase in paninis was found to be very pleasing for the pupils with one remarking that the BBQ beef brisket panini was ‘delicious’. Curly fries were also a favourite along with the different barm cakes that have been on offer.

The next meeting will be held in three weeks’ time and James (Catering Manager) asked the children to discuss amongst their contemporaries the reasons behind waste and how best to combat this issue. James also asked the children to always feel comfortable to ask questions and to bring any feedback to the team as it is always taken with the best interests of the student base at heart.