Food, Glorious Food!

This term our students have once again been enjoying innovative and seasonal dishes courtesy of our catering partners Thomas Franks. Every day they are offered freshly cooked, nutritious, and healthy food that aids them with their studies and provides everything they need for a balanced diet.

As well as hot mains including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free offerings, they are provided with additional salad freshly prepared and displayed for self-service.

All of the food our students enjoy is ethically sourced from local suppliers, with classic or adventurous array of ingredients across the board. Specialised menus are put together based on favourites plus committee and food council meetings between Thomas Franks staff, teaching staff and students. This makes sure that students are engaged in the process and helps them to think about food in different ways.

The menus are also approached with a focus on sustainability. Reducing as much food waste as possible is vitally important, and leftover food is either reused in innovative ways as part of a later dish or disposed of sustainability through composting.

The wide variety of meals on offer and the innovative approach to food helps to support the development of our students and enriches their overall school experience. Thank you to Thomas Franks for continuing to provide us with such a diverse and delicious selection of food at our fingertips!