Forest School Adventure

Reception enjoy a day of outdoor learning

Children in Reception have had a wonderful Forest School adventure today with Mr Barrett.

IMG 3176

The day began with clay fish model making which involved the children using beads to decorate their own clay fish. They then took part in a Mystery Object trail in which pupils were blindfolded and had to feel different objects to identify them.

IMG 1292 IMG 1306

They also made walking sticks and used pipe cleaners to create a butterfly to decorate the top!

IMG 3208 IMG 3227

A lovely picnic lunch outside was enjoyed by all and following this the group took part in team games including included scavenger hunts and a guided blindfold walk with a partner.

IMG 1314 IMG 1298

The highlight of the afternoon for many was cooking marshmallows on the fire with the help of Mr Barrett! All the children had an enjoyable day to remember.