Fun At The Farm

Reception Enjoying Old Holly Farm 

Reception children have had a fantastic day at Old Holly Farm in Garstang. They braved the weather to explore the farm, taking part in lots of exciting activities which included a visit to the milking parlour to learn all about how the cows are milked and how the milk is collected from the farm in tankers. The children were able to meet lots of different farm animals including donkeys, pigs, hens, cows and calves, sheep, goats and even a mule! Two of the children’s favourite animals were Barney and Fred the pigmy goats. 

IMG 0268 IMG 0188

 IMG 0203 medium

They also enjoyed interacting with Reggie the Rabbit and Oreo and Jaffa the Guinea Pigs.

Another highlight was searching in the barn to find freshly laid eggs, that the hens had hidden.

IMG 0278 medium IMG 0300 medium

After a picnic lunch the children tasted a variety of ice creams that are made with the milk from the farm cows. The day finished with a play in the play barn before the journey home.