Gardening Club visit Huntley’s Farm Store

Members of the Billinge House Gardening Club visit Huntley’s Farm Store for a Pumkin Festival

Gardening Club enjoyed a visit to Huntley’s Farm Stores today for a pumpkin festival. In the weeks leading up to the festival, Huntley’s had kindly delivered some pumpkins for the children to enter and the children of Gardening Club decorated them.

 IMG 0223

They went to Huntley’s today for the judging along with 4 other local schools. Whilst the pumpkins were being judged the children went in a trailer to visit the pumpkin patch. A friendly witch told them how they are grown, and then they went onto the patch to choose a pumpkin to bring back to school. Of course, the children wanted the biggest one!

IMG 0263

The children were thrilled to learn that they had grown the largest pumpkin and were given a certificate to take back to school. They left some pumpkins behind to be displayed in the farm shop.

IMG 0302

Everyone enjoyed some delicious pumpkin soup with pumpkin bread to dip in, and finished off with pumpkin cake. All the children decided they were going to ask the kitchen staff to add it to the menu! Huntley’s gave everyone a goody bag with lollies and pumpkin biscuits. Thank you to all the staff at Huntley’s for inviting Westholme to take part in the festival.

IMG 0268