Geography Field Trip

Lower Sixth Form Field Trip to Ainsdale

The Lower Sixth Form Geographers had only spent a short time in the classroom before they were once again out in the field, putting theory into practice. The ranging poles were, as always, put to good use as the group travelled to the sand dunes at Ainsdale in order to measure, record. classify, test and critically analyse the characteristics of the dunes.

IMG 20160916 143117 IMG 20160916 143136

Team-work and good humour were the order of the day, and the students rose to the occasion, managing to record a wide range of measurements, whilst at the same time showing a real aptitude in distinguishing between the various dune plants, although the wildlife for which the dune system is famous, the sand lizards and natterjack toads stayed safely out of the way.

IMG 20160916 135208

As ever, the chance to apply the classroom theory to a real life situation is a great opportunity for the students to develop a genuine and deep understanding of the subject, and we hope that this will be reflected in the students’ exam success in the future. Equally importantly, we hope that they will go out into the world with a determination to observe it through ‘geographer’s eyes’; something that will benefit them long after exam results have lost some of their importance.