Healthy Me!

Year 2 learn about the healthy benefits of riding a bike

As part of their topic, Healthy Me, children in Year 2 enjoyed a special day of learning about the fitness benefits of riding a bike. They brought their bikes into school and took part in a carousel of different activities along with Mrs Barrett, Mrs Sutcliffe and Miss Cole.

IMG 7855Firstly, they all watched a short film about choosing the right helmet to wear and how it is extremely important to wear one when riding a bike. Later, they looked at their own helmets and examined the various aspects of them; how they are lightweight but have a hard, plastic exterior for protection, how they have foam underneath for comfort, how they have adjustable straps and how they have holes for ventilation.

IMG 7861
Next, they looked at what muscles are used when riding a bike or scooter and how riding a bike is a good form of exercise. They all agreed that riding a bike is a perfect form of exercise as it gives the whole body a good work out!

IMG 7878
Finally, they took part in a road safety session which began by making sure the children new how to correctly wear their helmet, followed by how to turn the bicycle wheels and turn and change direction. The children also learnt how to stop and start at a junction, how to signal left and right and how to be aware of close objects. Another important aspect of this session included how to use the brakes!

IMG 7872
It was a really fun day but one that carried an important safety and healthy message for all of the children. Thank you to the Year 2 staff for this exciting day of learning.