Independent Schools come out on top again!

The benefits of a Westholme education

There has been much media commentary today about the benefits of an independent education when it comes to the competitive quest for university places. It appears from the Sutton Trust research that ”˜pupils from independent schools are more likely to shine in their “personal statements”. It says their applications are generally better written and list more prestigious, relevant activities than those of state-school pupils.’

At Westholme we are very proud of the work we do, not simply in helping to draw together the final statement, but in actually preparing our pupils to be the people they claim to be.   Mrs Croston said, “Everything we do at Westholme, right from Nursery age, is about stretching, stimulating and developing our pupils. Our parents pay fees and this allows us to access the very best opportunities for them – inside and outside the classroom. We assist with work placements through our extensive Alumni network, offer fantastic leadership opportunities, encourage all kinds of extra-curricular activities, run educational trips spanning the globe….the list goes on. This is complemented by our excellent teacher to pupil ratio. We have the resources and time to offer tailored guidance to each child, and we know them as individuals. When we write a reference it is a true reflection of that student; much considered and written carefully. We encourage our students to approach their personal statements in the same reflective way. In doing all this we play our part in creating exceptionally well rounded people who are much sought after by Universities. This is evidenced by the fact that most Sixth Formers get into their first choice, year after year. This recent research only backs up what I see every day at Westholme; caring teaching staff who willingly go the extra mile to help the pupils, and self confident pupils who do their utmost to help themselves.”