Infant & Junior School End of Term Celebrations

The children at Infant and Junior School have celebrating the end of the year.

Infant End of Year Assembly

Mrs Dixon led the end of term assembly for the Infant School children in what would be the final assembly held at Billinge House. They talked about the history of Infant School and Mrs Dixon showed the children old photographs, books and uniform and they were absolutely captivated. The children were also presented with their Olympic Games certificates for all of their hard work on their projects.

You can see the film from the assembly below.

Year 6 Leavers Assembly

On Wednesday we said goodbye to our Year 6s in a modified and socially distanced Celebration. This took place outside where children were seated in their own square in a 2m2 laid out grid. Although we were not able to conduct our annual Prize Giving in the same way; like everything that has happened during the pandemic, we sought to replace it with something that would be memorable and appropriate. Year 6 were given awards based on the characteristics of learning that have been our focus this academic Year. These included categories such as grit, determination, reliance, determination and adaptability. Miss Thompson and Mr Barnett were out ‘Masters of Ceremony’ and the awards were interwoven with musical statues, Mexican waves and pumping music! House and Staffroom Awards were also presented before children were delivered snacks to their seats and they were given a chance to chat to those in other PODs – socially distanced of course. Although it was a different ending to our year it was an enjoyable and fitting ending to the year. All Year 6 were presented with a leavers hoodie donated by the Westholme Association; our thanks goes once again to them for helping to commemorate the culmination of Primary School for our Year 6 children.


Please take a look through the full gallery of images from the day here.


Junior Showcase 2020

The Croston Theatre usually plays host to the annual Junior School Showcase at the end of the School year and so we weren’t about to change the programme this year!

‘The children and teachers have been working incredibly hard to produce the Junior Showcase which always happens at this time of year. Sit and enjoy this wonderful variety of music, poetry and public speaking from a selection of talented Westholme Junior School pupils. Thank you for all your effort to help create this event, which could not happen in March, but all involved need to be congratulated for working so hard to make this virtual performance possible. I am very proud of you all.

Please give them a huge ROUND OF APPLAUSE AND STANDING OVATION at the end!’ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Mrs Tinniswood 🎶


Music Teacher Westholme School