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Missing Westholmians

We would love to find more of the missing links!

Although we have every register since the School began in 1923, we have lost many former pupils along the way.  Ladies who marry invariably change their name and so they are difficult to identify, and when people move they don’t always think, “Oh, I must tell Westholme”. Yet, we do love to keep in touch with you. We send out termly newsletters to you to tell you how the School is faring, and an annual newsletter of your own, with details of all our former pupils within it. There are also lots of formal and informal reunion events so it’s worthwhile getting back in touch.

Please spread the word and email Vivienne at davenportv@westholmeschool.com to let us know of any discoveries. Thank you!

You can also connect with us on social media through the dedicated Old Westholmians’ pages:

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