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News of Former Pupils

Outstanding Westholmians is a series in which we will feature girls who have gone on to become women of achievement in their respective fields. If anyone has a specific question or a desire to know more from any of the featured women, please ask your form teacher and it can be arranged.

Charlotte Ashworth (1983 – 1995) – Asset Manager
Claire Barton (1988-1992)- Architect

Joanna Fielding (1980-1987) – Chief Financial Officer for Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited

Jade Gallagher (1995 – 2002) – Art Director
Kristina Hurst (1992-1999) – Sales Planning and Retail Analytics Manager for Walt Disney Company
KateJamesHeadshotwebKate James (1978 – 1986) – Chief Communications Officer – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Neela Mukherjee (1978-1991) – Non Food Commercial Director for Tesco
Shabnam Parkar (1992-1999) – Paediatric Surgeon
Sophie Scott (1971-1983) – Cognitive Neuroscientist and Professor at UCL
Sarah Snowdon (1981-1988) – Police Officer for Lancashire Constabulary
Clare Sutlieff-Lambert (1997-2002) – Head of Music at St Stephens’ International School, Bangkok
Caroline Warner (1979-1993) – Brand Director for Moet and Chandon