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All Westholme parents and staff automatically become members of the Westholme Association which exists to foster good relations between parents, past pupils and the school and to arrange a wide variety of social and fund-raising activities.

The Committee meets at least once a term. This is organised by the parents. A number of staff from all three Westholme departments serve on the Committee. More information regarding the Westholme Association events can be found by clicking the links on the right hand side. For further information on how to join the Committee, please contact the Chairperson, Susy Charlson on westholmeassociation@gmail.com or via any school office.

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Westholme Association Governors Report – October 2020


  1. Bank Account

The balance on the bank account as at the end of September 2020 currently stands at £13,555.

With the restrictions currently upon us as a result of the pandemic, then this will result in a considerable depletion of WA funds during this academic year to a forecasted balance of £4,212 by the end of July 2021.

The forecasted balance is after incurring expenditure relating to the previous academic year yet to be processed at the bank, and the expenditure predicted for this academic year, totalling £9,343 overall.

  1. Recent Events

Since the last update to Governors in March the only event that has been able to take place was the Uniform Sale on the 14th March. This sale raised a profit of £1.5k.

After Joanne Hancox, the second-hand uniform coordinator, gave notice to step down at the end of the last academic year we have been looking to identify her replacement. I am pleased to be able to advise the Governors that Jane Ward-Thompson has agreed to take on the role for the WA.

At the WA AGM, due to take place on the 7th October, we will be initiating the discussion with WA members over what could be possible by way of ‘virtual’ events to perhaps make some contribution to WA funds in the near to medium term.

  1. Future Sustainability, 20/21 and 21/22

With the impact of CV-19 in mind the draft budget, yet to be agreed at the forthcoming WA AGM, has been prepared assuming the following;

  1. No events or uniform sales being able to take place, therefore £nil Income,
  2. The WA continuing to fund the ‘regular’ annual requests from school, £6.5k per academic year,
  3. The costs that were not incurred/processed at bank at 19/20 year end are incurred in full, £2.8k, and
  4. The Summer disco still goes ahead, fully funded by the WA at this stage. The decision on charging can be taken nearer the time but the budget assumes £nil Income.

This results in bank funds being drawn-down in the year to fund the above leaving a projected balance at the end of the academic year 20/21 of £4.2k.

Importantly from an ongoing sustainability perspective given that the ‘regular’ requests of £6.5k each year exceed the projected July 2021 bank balance of £4.2k this does mean that should fundraising events continue to be unfeasible then in the year 21/22 these ‘regular’ requests will not be able to be funded.

Furthermore, during the year 21/22 we will need to approach all fundraising requests, whether ‘regular’ or not, on a case by case basis until a healthier bank balance is in place.

  1. Future Leadership

After fulfilling the role of Chairman for the last seven years, Helen Berry has made the decision to step down. At the same time, Liz Morgan, the WA Secretary has also made the decision to step down. It is a huge loss to the WA, as both Helen and Liz have contributed so much with their time, energy and ideas over many years. The WA has given their thanks to Helen, Liz and Joanne upon our return to School this month.

Susy Charlson, the Vice Chair, who does not want to take on the Chairman job long term as kindly agreed to act as Caretaker until a replacement can be found. She will do this with the support of myself and a few other WA members (Rachel Bissett, Jane Ward-Thompson, Neil Frazer) to make sure the duties of Chair and Secretary can be covered until replacements can be found.

Thank you, as always, for your support


Adele Mellis, Treasurer

4th October 2020