Lancashire Indoor Sportshall League

Westholme girls compete in the Lancashire Indoor Sportshall League.

On Sunday 16th January, we had the second of this season’s Lancashire Indoor Sportshall League at Stanley Park.  We had 21 very keen and hard working girls who all did their best, whether it was running, throwing or jumping.

In the last match, we came second and so we were keen to do at least as well.  We certainly did that as we finished in first place and, with the score from last time, are now standing in first place! 

Excellent performances came from everyone but particularly these girls:

Baylie Thompson – 1st Long Jump (1.90m)
                               3rd 3 laps (40.0secs)
                               4th Vertical Jump (41cm)
                               5th Javelin (11.25m)
Eloise Littlefair – 1st Vertical Jump (44cm)
                            3rd Chest Push (5.25m)
                            3rd Triple Jump (5.19m)
Charlotte Berry – 2nd Hi Stepper (14.0secs)
Fiona Anderson – 4th Hi Stepper (14.5 secs)
Emma Taylor – 5th Hi Stepper (14.6 secs)
Molly Robinson-Taylor – 4th Javelin (12.00m)

We also have 4 girls representing Lancashire on Sunday at Sport City, Manchester.