Life Lessons and World Events


As I stood outside Billinge House at 09.35 on Friday morning with our Infant pupils and staff, we were all a little in awe of the eerie light and atmosphere as we caught a glimpse through the clouds of the solar eclipse. Nobody looked at the sun directly, some children had made pinhole cameras but then we soon noticed that the birds had stopped singing and it went quite cold. It was an event that we will remember but also a reminder that, in our small Westholme community, we are part of a much wider world! Science in action.


We are fast approaching the end of the Spring Term and there has been no let up in the activities and pace in all areas of school life. Year 4 WISPA royally entertained the audience with their energetic and comical performance of the Aristocrats, followed the next evening by a tremendous Spring Concert. With the Infant assembly of Eddie the Penguin to round off the term, it shows that throughout our Westholme community there is a rich array of talent which makes me very proud.

Also in the news this week has been the internment of King Richard III at Leicester Cathedral. As a historian I have been intrigued by this story from the first discovery of the bones under the car park, to the DNA relative mapping to confirm Richard’s identity and ultimately the legal battle to decide on the much maligned King’s final resting place York or Leicester. The disfigured central character of Shakespeare’s play has always divided historical opinion – hero or villain – reforming misunderstood king or power hungry regent responsible for the deaths of the two boy’s princes in the Tower of London? History in the making.

Rugby fans this weekend were captivated by the exhilarating finish to the Six Nations competition. Months of preparation and dedication to training all crystallise into key moments where the smallest action can lead to a team winning or losing. It was a spectacular sporting finale. Similarly as our senior students head off for their Easter break, they will undoubtedly be focused on revision for their AS, A2 and GCSE examinations. This holiday will be a chance for them to make their final preparations for the push to their crucial game this summer – their examinations. It is at this point that the hard work and dedication reaches peak performance and I wish them well. Certainly the Junior cross country teams demonstrated their talent and commitment as both boys and girls secured a Silver medal finish with sterling races in the last district fixture of the season. Proof that talent combined with hard work, determination and dedication leads to success! Well done to all those athletes! Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard…

These 3 unconnected current events are powerful metaphors for the life cycle of our School. Proof positive that beyond school we are all lifelong learners and that there are lessons for all of us and that should embrace every opportunity that life, past, present or even in the solar system, presents us.

Lynne M Horner
March 2015