Museum of Science and Industry trip

Year 2 enjoy a great day out

The sun shone all day for the Year 2 trip to the Museum of Science and Industry. On arrival, the children went to meet Engineer Erica and Forgetful Fred. They helped them to fix Pender the Locomotive before looking at the other locomotives. A visit to the Air and Space Hall was also enjoyable as the children saw lots of planes and road vehicles from different decades.

IMG 1893 IMG 1914

 Exploring the experimental room was first on the agenda after lunch and children were able to cycle with a skeleton, test their reflexes, explore their senses and even lift up a real Mini car!

         IMG 1900 IMG 1910

They rounded off the day with a visit to the 4D cinema where they watched ‘The Lost World’ and had fun as they were squirted with water and had air sprayed at them; their seats even moved!

IMG 1880

What a busy and exciting day they all enjoyed!