Music with Billinge House

Our youngest pupils enjoy their music lessons

Children from Reception to Year Two have been learning about pitch in their music lessons with Mrs Williams.  

Year One have worked very hard to prepare a musical performance of ”˜Jack and the Beanstalk’.   They knew the story well from their English work on traditional tales.   The pupils were split into three groups; each representing a different part of the story.   They had to choose instruments on which to play different kinds of music to indicate four key events in the story – the beanstalk growing, Jack climbing up or down the beanstalk, exploring the magical land at the top and the giant’s thundering footsteps!  

Mrs Williams invited both Reception classes and their teachers to come and watch the final interactive performance in the hall.   The younger children enjoyed making up their own actions and sound effects to go along with Year One’s music!   Well done everyone.