Remembrance Concert at King George’s Hall

Congratulations to all students who performed at the Remembrance concert at King George’s Hall on the 11th November 2019.

Our stunning dancers, Isobel Robertson, Grace Moran and Grace Ade-Hall, led by Darcey O’Brien performed an exciting and energetic jive to ‘In the Mood’ accompanied by the Blackburn Salvation Army Band, prompting a rousing applause from the audience.

Two GCSE Drama students, Hasan Majid and Sophia Courland presented a moving devised piece called ‘The Promise’ about a tragic couple caught up in World War II Britain.

And finally Saoirse O’Neill gave a compelling rendition of the poem ‘The Fallen’. All of the Westholme contributions greatly enhanced the evening of Remembrance; thank you to all involved.