Roman Villas Competition

Bringing the past to life

The Year 8 Latin students have been working hard as architects this term as they have designed and crafted their very own Roman Villa models. Based upon the information they have learned in lessons, students had to combine their acquired knowledge with their artistic talents and imaginations, to produce their unique model of a Roman house


Both Mr Oracz and Mr Morton have been impressed by the collaborative efforts students have put into their work in lessons, whilst also admiring the end products, now on display in the LRC. Each student should be commended for how they incorporated authentic aspects of a villa into their work, such as the decorative impluvium pool, and the ostentatious gardens and indoor decorations, including mosaic floors and classical wall-paintings. Their work shows a thorough understanding of the varied rooms of a Roman Villa, which will be useful as we progress onto new topics of Roman life.

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Mrs Horner kindly judged the entries of the annual competition, selecting winners from each teaching group and one overall winner for the year. This year, the victors are:

8A – Libby Cann, Megan Ormisher
8B – (joint winners) Amy Dixon, Tahlia Maughan
– Azura Cains, Anna Haslam, Mariah Laheri, Maeesha Motorwala, Salina Patel
8P – Ben Whelan
8Q – Edward Forsyth, Alexander Gordon


8C and overall winner for Year 8: Hollie Cubbon, Evie Drake

Congratulations to the victors, but also to the entire year group, for producing such fine work, representative of their efforts in their Latin lessons.