Sacred Places

Year 8 EPR students visit Sacred Places

Year 8 EPR students have been studying ‘The Architecture of Faith’, studying the foundations and core beliefs of religions that exist in our local community. Part of this course includes looking at Sacred Places and considering what makes a place sacred and how they help a believer to worship.

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 This Monday, students were able to visit the sacred places they have been studying in lesson, and were fortunate to have members of the faith communities there, to really bring their studies to life!

In the morning groups visited Blackburn Central Mosque, where the students were met by Zakkariya and Saleem. They were taken on the journey of a believer, as they took off their shoes and visited the wudu (ritual washing) room before entering the prayer hall. Students were fascinated by the beautiful calligraphy and decorated carpets.

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Next stop was the impressive Blackburn Cathedral, where Dr Riley asked students to imagine the journey of a pilgrimage and the awe and wonder they would feel upon arriving at their destination; a magnificent place such as this Cathedral. Here, Mrs Robson also guided students on the Labyrinth, a place for reflection and quiet thought.

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In the afternoon the group visited the Veda Mandir in Bolton. They were greeted by Chan and Hiran, from Bolton Interfaith Council, who explained the different features of the beautifully decorated shrine. The students were encouraged to explore the shrine room and ask any questions they had about puja (Hindu prayer) and Hindu beliefs about God and life after death.

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Students had an extremely enjoyable day in which they were able to have a varied experience of the fantastic sacred places that are in the world around us!