Saturday Science

A wonderful morning of all things Science!

On Saturday we welcomed over 100 Year 5 & 6 children from Westholme Junior Schools and other local primary schools for a fun and exciting Saturday Science taster event.

One of the four sessions children enjoyed was Building Bridges.

IMG 5506 IMG 5512

They were given the task of building a bridge out of a range of different materials such as spaghetti, art straws and sellotape. Bridges were put to the test in a competition to see which bridge could hold the most weight before collapsing!

IMG 5509 IMG 5537

Well done to Spaghetti Monsters whose bridge held a whopping 2500g!
Please click here to see the competition results.

Maggot Mazes, Colourful Plants and Rainbow Challenge were also much enjoyed and children were able to leave with their own Rainbow Test Tube!

IMG 6199 IMG 6205

IMG 6203 IMG 6193

Thank you to everyone who attended, we hope you had a great day and that we will see you again soon!