Senior School House Cross-Country

Last week we held the House Cross-Country competitions at the Senior School, arguably one of the biggest sporting occasions in the school calendar! Overall we saw some fantastic performances and the spirit and determination from our students made it a great day of competitive racing.

Friday morning marked the beginning of the races, with our students in Year 11 and Sixth Form starting it all off. Assembling in their Houses they were led through a warmup routine by Mr Purdy, Miss Lloyd and Miss Parkinson to help them limber up and to really get into the mood for what lay ahead. 

After their warm-up session they were ready to go! Running round a specially constructed course throughout the school grounds and beyond, they braved the weather (and slippery underfoot conditions) as they were cheered on by fellow pupils who lined up outside the school to watch. It was a great start to the day and they really set the tone for their fellow students who were still to run their races later on in the day. 

Congratulations to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers.

Boys: 1st – Finlay, 2nd – Lewis, 3rd – Jack

Girls: 1st – Hollie, 2nd – Maia, 3rd – Lara

Next it was the turn of students in Years 7 and 8. The excitement was tangible on the starting line and spirits were high after their warm-up. Starting outside the swimming pool they raced up the hill towards the main gate and up into the fields before coming back down through to the school playing fields.

After a loop of the sports pitches and around the Art block, they finished with a sprint finish down the hill – well done to all who took part!

Boys: 1st – Will, 2nd – Husnain, 3rd – Laurey-Jay

Girls: 1st – Evie, 2nd – Jessica, 3rd – Isabelle

Finally it was the turns of Years 9 & 10 after a Halloween themed lunch, just as the sun started to shine through the clouds. After a brief delay on the starting line, Miss Parkinson blew the start whistle and they were off! Some areas of the course had been getting progressively muddier as the day had worn on, and they managed to cope with the slippery conditions admirably – with the eventual winner Johnny even setting the fastest time of the day!

Congratulations to everyone on their efforts throughout the race and there were plenty of impressive individual performances.

Boys: 1st – Johnny, 2nd – Caleb, 3rd – Ben

Girls: 1st – Holly, 2nd – Evie, 3rd – Molly

Overall it was a great day of House Cross-Country racing, well done to the winners and to all the students that took part.