Sixth Form Chemistry

This morning, members of the Sixth Form chemistry class were tasked with the challenge of producing Benzene Carboxylic Acid.

Students were given a set list of instructions in order to produce the correct formula, and there were some impressive results.

Using the apparatus provided in the classroom, they mixed Benzene Carboxylic Salt with an acid in order to produce a reaction.

The class then used the ‘Recrystallisation’ method to purify the solid they had created by dissolving it in hot water and allowing it to cool off and form into crystals.

The crystals were separated from the solution using a Buchner flask & funnel to filter under reduced pressure.

Finally, students were then asked to determine the melting point of the crystals.

After a busy morning experimenting, all results will be used for their next lesson, where the purity of the crystals that they have produced will be assessed.

Great work to all the students involved!