Step into the NHS

Year 8 student is awarded a Highly Commended certificate in NHS Competition

All students in Year 8 had the opportunity to work in small groups or individually to create an entry for the Step into the NHS competition during their PSHE lessons. Students were encouraged to research the wide range of careers (over 350) within the NHS and choose a particular career of interest.


Amna Ahmed chose to research the role of a Children’s Nurse and had to produce a job description listing the skills, experience and qualifications required and a job advertisement that would appeal to other students of the same age to get them interested in finding out more about that role. She created an excellent video for her job advertisement that was informative and inspiring to watch and has been awarded a Highly Commended certificate for her work.

This is a great achievement as this is a national competition and the NHS received a large number of entries. Well done, Amna!