Storytelling Trip

Storytelling trip to Lee House, Chipping for Year 7 girls

Year 7 pupils enjoyed a wonderful day out at Lee House, Chipping recently as part of their EPR studies.   The theme of the trip was Alice in Wonderland and the girls really entered into the spirit of the occasion, making some amazing mad hats for the Mad Hatter’s Lunch Party.   Emma Taylor’s hat which popped open to reveal a flower was fantastic but the winning hat was made by Charlie Melling who really adhered to the Alice in Wonderland theme, making a beautiful hat covered in tea cups and a ‘drink me’ bottle.  

Throughout the remainder of the day the girls considered mind-bending  riddles, designed fantasy animals and spent some quiet time meditating – an activity which many pupils found to be a refreshing change to the hustle and bustle of life.   The most popular session, however, was the Alice-themed games.   These games were fun and helped the students to warm up on what was quit a cold May day.   In spite of the weather, everyone returned to school happy and saying that they had really enjoyed their day.