Student Trip – 3D Design and Manufacturing Conference, Birmingham

Written by Mr Walker, Director of Creative Arts & Technology

Attendees of both Design & Technology and Computer Science Clubs were treated to a day out at the NEC Birmingham for the TCT 3Sixty event.

Students from Years 7-9, supported by two INSPIRED A-Level students, were given the opportunity to attend a 3D Designing and Manufacturing conference with many international businesses. Create Education had selected Westholme School to support the educational aspect of the event, with only 30 students from the whole country being granted access to this event!

Students encountered a 3D Designing, 3D scanning and vacuum forming workshop delivered by industry experts, before being provided with the opportunity to explore the different stalls at the event.

Westholme School students, as always, impressed with their interactions with adults from the business world asking questions about career paths; the functionality of designing and manufacturing and future directions of technology too.

This visit has helped to inspire these students and will influence the technologies that are embedded at Westholme School.

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