The Arthur Rouse Lecture

Sarah Outen – taking us out of our comfort zones!


It was impossible not to feel the passion as first and only female solo rower of the Indian Ocean Sarah Outen graced the Westholme stage for the Arthur Rouse Lecture.

At a mere 23 years old, the Oxford graduate abandoned mainstream life for an amazing challenge across the waves, all alone, from Australia to Mauritius. Some 124 totally wet but uplifting days with only pilot fish and wildlife for company had certainly taught Sarah some life lessons which she was happy to share. She told of days where she faced storms, metaphorical and real, but still found something positive (even if it was that her 500 bar chocolate supply had not got wet). The audience was completely enthralled by her vision, self belief and pure courage.

The Arthur Rouse Lecture Series is designed to bring motivational, intriguing and bar-raising people to Westholme. Most certainly the lovely Sarah Outen achieved that, and Professor Tanya Byron’s footsteps were no easy ones to fit into. We are already planning to book Sarah for phase two of the story when she returns from her round the world trip London to London, via the World, in September 2013!

Another very special Westholme evening.