The Great Fire of London

A fun day of learning for Year 2

Children in Year 2 have enjoyed a special day of interactive learning today, based on the theme of the Great Fire of London. They have been learning all about this important event in history and last week they visited Staircase House Museum in Stockport to supplement their studies.

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Today, along with Mr Barrett, From Just Grow Forest School, the children took part in various activities related to the Great Fire – wearing urchin costumes as they did so. The morning began when the children learnt how to make a wattle and daub mixture and had fun stamping it down to make it useable on a wall.

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Next, they moved indoors where they made dough and special 1666 biscuits. They also learnt how to write with a quill and ink. Later, along with Mr Barrett, they were also able to toast the bread that they had made on the campfire.
The highlight of the day was when they re-created their very own ‘Pudding Lane’. The children had each made a house made from a cereal box and this afternoon, the houses were lined up before Mr Barrett set them alight to replicate the real fire.

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All of the children enjoyed a super day. Special thanks must go to Mrs Sutcliffe, Mrs Barrett and Miss Cole and to Mr Barrett from Just Grow Forest School.

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